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Baja Ram Air Filter Pull Start air filter with all hardware Losi 5IVE Ram Air Filter SILVER BULLET Nitrous Injection HPI Savage Ram Air Filter
Hyper-Charger Air Filter
Our Price: $39.99
Pull Start Filter System Losi 5ive-T
List Price: $64.99
Our Price: $64.99
ICE AMPS Blower System
List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $39.99
SILVER BULLET Nitrous Injection
Our Price: $195.99
Sale Price: $175.00
HPI Savage Ram Air Filter
Our Price: $36.95
Sale Price: $29.99
The Hyper-Charger features a realistic automotive blower look and function.  System will fit any 1/5th scale application including HPI Baja 5B/T.  Also great for go-ped applications This pull start filter system will protect your engine and make cleaning  your engine a thing of the past.  The high flow filter allows maximum  airflow to your engine no matter what the running environment Chill your engine while boosting power and reliability of your motor with the ICE AMPS Blower This combo includes the high flow air box as well as the GT-V air filter. This direct injection nitrous system allows switch activated ground pounding performance gains. HPI Savage Ram Air Filter