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6-32 Supercharger Pressure Fitting
Our Price: $3.00

This 6-32 fitting screws directly into the body of the RB Innovations supercharger. By using this fitting you can use pressure from the supercharger to pressurize your vehicle's fuel cell. This provides more consistent fuel delivery to the engine. Thus increasing the overall performance of the engine.
Aluminum Monster Fuel Line
Our Price: $34.99

The Aluminum Monster fuel line kits feature an increased inside diameter which allows smoother fuel flow as well holds 300% more fuel then regular silicone fuel line. The aluminum is much more durable and can withstand the ultimate bashing without fear of split fuel line which can cause severe engine damage. Monster fuel line kits include 24 of aluminum fuel line and 6 connectors. The high strength fuel lines are easily cut and formed to be installed onto any application. Kits available in most colors as well as polished aluminum.
Fuel line kit includes:
24" of Alumi-Flex Tubing
6 Connectors
6" of adapter tubing
Fuel Line Pinch Clips
Fuel Line Pinch Clips
Our Price: $3.95

Fuel line pinch clips cut the fuel to your engine allowing to shut down your engine easily and safely. Additionally, fuel line pinch clips can be locked to insure that your engine does not flood with fuel when it is being stored. Fuel line pinch clips are available in red and blue.
Hyper Valve System I
Our Price: $23.99

Boosts fuel pressure for faster engine response, increased power off the line and more punch through the turns
Stabilizes a higher fuel cell pressure as engine RPM and exhaust pressure change throughout the toughest track
Custom high performance valve with extra pressure storage capacity to maximize fuel flow to the engine
Enables consistent engine performance from full to empty fuel tank conditions
System comes completely assembled & ready to boost your RC car or truck into the winner's circle!!
Monster Fuel Line Connectors (6 Pack)
Our Price: $12.50

These are additional connectors that fit the Monster fuel line kits.
Monster Fuel Line 12"
Our Price: $8.00

These are additional 12" fuel lines that fit the Monster fuel line kits.